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Product Manager LUKÁŠ KACZOR

Lukáš is a product manager for the areas of mobility and credit risk scoring.

No Dataclairian wanted to talk big about themselves. So, we asked the team members to describe how they perceive their colleagues. This is what they revealed about Lukáš.

Known for

Lukáš is known for his unquestionable love for Apple devices and boundless energy that never leaves him out of gas. He’s been with O2 for a while already, which makes him a valuable source of behind-the-scenes information for newcomers.

Loved for

He’s gifted with the mindset of a creative businessman who always sees the glass as half full. In his work, he combines a systematic, well-organized managerial style with inspiring creativity and bold ideas. Wherever he comes, he spreads good vibes. He can entertain you the whole evening with jokes and stories you have never heard before (and never will again).

Responsible for

Lukáš is a product manager for the areas of mobility and credit risk scoring. He challenges our innovation teams to create the best solutions for our business partners from the private and public sectors.

Respected for

  • Creativity and innovationCreativity and innovation
  • Accountability and ownershipAccountability and ownership

Secret fact

Lukáš plays trumpet! And you know what? It goes perfectly with his lively temper and Moravian origin. So yes, Dataclair has its own Luis Armstrong, indeed. And no, he’s not allowed to play at your teambuilding party. That privilege is ours – and is yet to be used.

How to get on with Lukáš?

When you are going to meet Lukáš, come in time. In addition to punctuality, he appreciates an atmosphere without distrust. So, if you have second thoughts, rather make them explicit.

Top Skills

Project management Product development Product lifecycle management Marketing
Lukáš Kaczor