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Jan Romportl

Top Skills

R&D management python machine learning natural language processing AI philosophy and ethics
Jan has 16 years of experience with AI and man-machine interaction, both from academic research and from a commercial environment.

Jan is the director of Dataclair.ai and Chief Data Scientist at O2 Czech Republic. He has Ph.D. in Artificial Intelligence, master’s degree in cybernetics and control engineering, and another master’s degree in philosophy. Before joining O2 in 2015, Jan had 12 years of academic research and teaching experience in AI, man-machine interaction, speech technologies and philosophy. He was Head of Department of Man-Machine Interaction at New Technologies Research Centre, University of West Bohemia, and a senior researcher at Department of Cybernetics. He's currently a member of Department of Philosophy at the same university and he also cooperates with Centre for Theoretical Study of Charles University and with Czech Effective Altruism Group. He organises Prague AI Safety Meetup and he tries to be helpful to the Czech AI Safety and Alignment community.