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Head of Mobility and Fintech AI IVO BRÝDL

Ivo leads our Mobility AI Team. His domain is spatial modelling and map-matching of sparse location data. He’s responsible for developing completely new data products based on ML and Big Data.

No Dataclairian wanted to talk big about themselves. So, we asked the team members to describe how they perceive their colleagues. This is what they revealed about Ivo.

Known for

If you ask any Dataclarian who’s the sportsman here, all fingers point to Ivo. He’s a runner, cross-country skier, mountain climber, a true athlete who never hesitates to selflessly support the team with his strength, stamina, and sense of humour. And that goes for any games – on the playground and at work as well.

Loved for

Ivo is appreciated for his balanced and thoughtful personality. He’s a leader and colleague who cares and offers a helping hand, especially when things go south for you. If you are lucky enough to work with Ivo, take for granted that he will put his best effort into the project. His ability to strike fire from what once looked like messy, shaky, and unusable data, is phenomenal.

Responsible for

Ivo leads our Mobility AI Team. His domain is spatial modelling and map-matching of sparse location data. He employs machine learning methods and tools to tame Big Data in the cloud infrastructure and develops completely new data products with his team.

Respected for

  • Accountability and ownershipAccountability and ownership
  • Teamwork and transparencyTeamwork and transparency

Secret fact

Still water runs deep. You may not tell, but Ivo is the one who will with great joy sing Happy birthday to you when you turn a year older. And he will sweep the whole Dataclair along to move you to tears. Catch him in a good mood (or wait till a later hour during the party), and he will sing you his most favourite piece – Highway to Hell from AC/DC.

How to get on with Ivo?

When talking to him or trying to involve him in decision making or problem-solving, do not stray. Just stay focused on the topic. To delight his soul, let him sing and sprint in the woods, and he’ll be happy as a lark.

Top Skills

Spatial analytics Spark processing Java Image recognition Python
Ivo Brýdl