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Director PETR HIRŠ

Petr is the Director of Dataclair. He’s expanding AI projects and machine learning R&D beyond the telco domain, identifying data science and big data opportunities for O2 and business partners.

No Dataclairian wanted to talk big about themselves. So, we asked the team members to describe how they perceive their colleagues. This is what they revealed about Petr.

Known for

There’s basically no way how to make Petr fly off the handle. At least, we didn’t find one so far. He has a young spirit and comes up with ideas that appeal even to post-millennials.

Loved for

Thanks to his excellent communication skills, open-mindedness, and ability to see the big picture, Petr achieved mastery in turning stressful and negative situations into constructive events. He’s a leader who sincerely cares about his people and supports them in their personal and professional growth.

Responsible for

In 2022, Petr was elevated from the role of Head of Research and Development to that of Director of Dataclair. Since then, he has been in charge of finding data science and big data opportunities for O2 and commercial partners and extending AI projects and machine learning R&D outside the telco area. He continues the work of Dataclair's father and former director, Jan Romportl, who set Dataclair on the mission to develop and use AI to make the world a better place.

Respected for

  • Teamwork and transparencyTeamwork and transparency
  • Open-mindedness and curiosityOpen-mindedness and curiosity

Secret fact

He’s keen on modern neuroscientific theories of mind and brain, human evolution, and cognitive hacking. He’s an advocate of hiking with trekking poles and likes to explain why walking with them is more beneficial and effective than going without them.

How to get on with Petr?

Once in a while, a night spent out in a companion of good friends, good beer and insightful dialogues about culture memes, books (especially the book Asfalt from Štěpán Kopřiva) and movies will always cheer him up. Be honest with him, stay away from hypocrisy, and you’ll get his full support.

Top Skills

Distributed team management Team leadership Agile Lean Management 3.0 Scrum
Petr Hirš