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Head of Data Science MICHAL KUBIŠTA

Michal is the Head of Data Science, leading our data science guild and managing the team developing AI algorithms for marketing targeting. He also monitors legal and ethical issues related to AI and data usage.

No Dataclairian wanted to talk big about themselves. So, we asked the team members to describe how they perceive their colleagues. This is what they revealed about Michal.

Known for

Michal is known for his courage, proactivity, and ability to think ahead. He never settles for the first idea and is always willing to challenge assumptions, diving deep into problems to find innovative solutions. In addition, his academic background allows him to explain complex AI and machine learning concepts to any audience, bridging the gap between technical and business teams.

Loved for

Michal is a great team player who maintains an optimistic attitude even during challenging times. He is appreciated for his ability to lead and support his team, foster creativity, and promote innovation. His genuine passion for AI and technology gadgets (especially 3D printed) extends beyond work, and he enjoys spending time in the mountains or trying flavorful street food all over the world.

Responsible for

Michal is the Head of Data Science and is responsible for leading our data science guild and managing the team working with big data and developing AI algorithms for marketing targeting, customer value management and retention. He also monitors legal issues related to AI, ethical machine learning and data privacy, ensuring Dataclair's activities comply with the highest social responsibility standards.

Respected for

  • Teamwork and transparencyTeamwork and transparency
  • Fairness and integrityFairness and integrity

Secret fact

You know those people who constantly use exclamation marks instead of commas at the end of each sentence? Well, Michal is one of them. But in his text messages, it's always a sweet expression of excitement, joy and assurance he's on the same wavelength as you.

How to get on with Michal?

Be reliable, respect his time by having a clear agenda during meetings, and share his enthusiasm for AI and technology. Join him to visit a local market to bond over fresh food, craft beer and inspiring conversations.

Top Skills

Data Science Machine Learning Python Azure Contextual Bandits TensorFlow
Michal Kubišta