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Data Engineering Team Lead TOMÁŠ KALENDA

Tomáš leads our Data Engineering Team, ensuring we always have clean and tidy data ready for all the great ideas born in Dataclair.

No Dataclairian wanted to talk big about themselves. So, we asked the team members to describe how they perceive their colleagues. This is what they revealed about Tomáš.

Known for

Tomáš is an incarnation of goodheartedness. He’s one of the esteemed O2 village elders who knows everything about everything and everyone back to the times of Eurotel.

Loved for

If you are a newbie Dataclarian and want to dive deep into the history of O2, know why Karen hates Mike, or love to hear about the first database systems in the company, just idle for a while nearby any coffee machine and wait. You can bet that soon enough, Tomáš is stopping by for a funny, refreshing and very informative small talk. Join him during his regular chatty walks around the building and take notes. If you have any issue with data, Tomáš knows the way.

Responsible for

Tomáš leads our data engineering team, ensuring we always have clean and tidy data ready for all the great ideas born in Dataclair. He is also responsible for smooth communication of our Big Data platform with other data infrastructures in O2.

Respected for

  • Fairness and integrityFairness and integrity
  • Teamwork and transparencyTeamwork and transparency

Secret fact

In times of old, he tried to break through in film industry in an epic role of a metro driver. He smashed it! Unfortunately, the commercial did not reach an international audience to give him the credits he truly deserved. Lucky for us, he decided to pursue his career as a data warehouse expert in Dataclair instead of becoming a movie star.

How to get on with Tomáš?

Invite him for a coffee or a mountain trip. Make no mention of Python. And the commercial.

Top Skills

Data warehousing Advanced SQL Hadoop IT architecture System analysis ETL process
Tomáš Kalenda